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Bassday are a premium hard-bodied lure maker of unsurpassed quality and finish with a big reputation in their native Japan. These carefully crafted lures are thoroughly tested and proven models which are all but guaranteed fish catchers.

Frogleys Offshore began bringing these amazing lures into Australia with a range originally built around their reputation to attract strikes from large trout and freshwater fish all around the country.

Over time these same qualities have also made the Bassday lure range deadly as a bream lure and are also effective on a range of saltwater species with whiting and larger predatory species also targets.

The range covers shallow, mid and deep water diving lures such as the Sugar Minnows and Sugar Deeps, as well as top-water performers like the Sugar Lipless, Crystal Popper and SugaPen with the later deadly as a whiting surface lure.

All the lures are well crafted and swum to ensure a quality product to the end consumer. The action is perfect for inshore species with both wide and tight wobbles at a range of speeds depending on the lure.

The size and colour palette is extensive with up to 14 colours in some styles and models ranging from 35 mm to 70 mm in length.

We are proud to work with
Frogleys Offshore